Speech by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on fourth Nuclear Security Summit

First of all I would like to express my gratitude for inviting Azerbaijan to participate in the summit. We consider this as a sign of friendship, partnership and recognition of the role, which Azerbaijan is playing in the region. For us it is a big honour to be present at such an important international gathering. We fully support the activity and efforts of President Obama to strengthen nuclear security in the world. 

In its turn Azerbaijan attaches great importance to non-proliferation. In the face of emerging proliferation threats and due to our geographic location we attach utmost importance to the prevention of possible use of our territory as a transit route for illicit nuclear trafficking. In close cooperation with our international partners we have developed a comprehensive national export control system with the solid legislation basis in line with international standards. Up to date our national export control system has proved itself as a reliable mechanism in preventing illicit nuclear trafficking. But due to the fact that we do not control hundred percent of our territory it is not possible for us to implement full scale programs. Twenty percent of our territories is under Armenian occupation. Occupation lasts for more than twenty years. Also, part of our internationally recognized border is under occupation. United Nations Security Council adopted four resolutions demanding immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from our territory, but these resolutions remain on paper. I repeat that these resolutions demand immediate and unconditional withdrawal. But more than twenty years had passed since our lands are under occupation. Unfortunately Armenia always puts conditions in order to liberate the occupied territories. We will continue our efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, but the conflict must be resolved based on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Another issue which I want to draw your attention to is the functioning of the outdated Armenian nuclear power plant which was built in 1976. It is situated in the very seismic zone with a shortage of water to cool its ageing reactor and poses a direct threat to the region. Instead of decommissioning the power plant Armenia plans to extend its operation until 2026. That means that the whole region, including Armenia itself will live under threat for another decade. I would like to urge the international community to influence Armenia to stop the activity of this power plant and to comply with the rules and procedures which the international community is expecting.

Thank you very much.


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